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Arthritis: Five ways to STOP arthritis pain and symptoms this winter

Arthritis is a group of around 100 diseases. It creates a problem in every joint in the human body like wrist, knee or fingers, etc. But Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid are the most common types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the knee, hands, etc. Osteoarthritis symptoms will develop very slowly and become worse in a long time. You may feel pain in the joints while moving or you may feel stiffness if you do not move your body for a long time. You will feel stiffer often when you wake up in the morning. Rheumatoid is a chronic type of arthritis. It will happen when the immune system attacks your body tissues mistakenly. Rheumatoid arthritis can damage the other parts of the body. The main symptoms are swollen in joints, weight loss, fatigue and stiffness with heavy pain especially in the morning. Arthritis has become more painful in winter as due … Read the rest

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Health Tips

How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe During the Winter Season

The winter season is almost here, so focusing on health should be on high priority now. With so many family events, marriages and gatherings scheduled to happen in winter, we get so busy in the festivities that we ignore our own health. As a result, we have to face health problems that affect our life at both personal and professional levels.

What to Eat and How Much to Exercise this Winter Season?

While the weather may be cold, winter is not the unhealthiest season for your family and you. In fact, more often than not, bad habits are the reason behind recurring diseases and discomfort. Here are some crucial tips to follow to stay healthy, fit and safe during the winter season:

  1. Diet Tips

Diet plays a key role when it comes to staying healthy. You have a range of options to when you go to the market. You … Read the rest

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All you need to Know about the Whole30 Diet

Whole30 is a diet lifestyle that begun in 2009. A blogger by the name Marissa Hartwig blogged of her 30-day experiment following a regimen of eating food that is whole and unprocessed. It is from that time when whole30 was born. Millions of people globally have tried the challenge, and millions have been transformed with this diet. Many people say that the program transformed them with better sleep, more energy, weight loss, better health and no more cravings.  These are some of the reasons why whole30 is so enticing. This meal plan lasts for 30 days and requires a total commitment for it to be effective in your life. The whole30 program cleans up the eating habits of a person by cutting out the different foods that have a negative impact on the health of an individual. Some of these foods that are hard for people to give up include … Read the rest

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How to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

There are multiple ways to kick-start weight loss but the most important thing is to remember than it is a marathon, not a sprint. No one loses the weight they have put on over years over night. It is a journey, and the better you start your weight loss journey the more likely you are to reach the finish line and your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss with a Healthy Lifestyle

Diets are not the key to successful weight loss, a healthy lifestyle is. This is not to say you can never eat a piece of cake again, it just means you need to make changes to your everyday routine in order to see results. Here are a few things you can adopt to kick-start your weight loss and keep you on track.

Accurately Record Your Starting Weight and Measurements

This is not in an effort to demotivate you, in … Read the rest

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Top Foot Care Tips for Football Players

Over $2 billion is spent in Australia annually to treat their sportspersons, professional or otherwise.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) reported that Australian soccer and football players make up most of the demographics for hospitalisations. These sports require plenty of footplay, which is why foot care is extremely important for these players.

1) Blister Prevention

Your shoes should fit both the length and the width of your feet. When your cleats fit just right, there’s less friction between your heels and the inside of the shoes, lowering the chances of getting blisters.

If you already have blisters, keep the area clean and place a bandage over it to prevent more aggravation.

2) Toenails Trimming

Getting your feet stepped on is not new on the field.

The longer your toenails are, the easier they get damaged, cracked or even ripped up! Keep your nails short and you … Read the rest

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