What You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis and Flying in Canada

It’s hard to imagine taking a trip over an extended distance without flying.  Whether for business or personal reasons, bringing medical cannabis with you on your travels can quickly become a major hassle.

That’s why the government of Canada has put in place regulations and recommended precautions to help take the stress and potential headache out of travelling with your medicine.

As long as your travels remain within Canada, travellers with the appropriate licences are allowed to bring medical cannabis along for the trip.  Patients must however be registered with a Licenced Producer (LP).  That is to say, your cannabis must from a legalized source, while your reason for possessing it must be documented and legitimate as well.  All patients must be in compliance with the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) at all times.  If your cannabis usage has not been approved by … Read the rest

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