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Testosterone boosting nutrients and minerals

Testosterone is a key hormone that is fundamental to the body’s function, it allows the body to grow, repair and manages other functions in the body I.e. a lack of testosterone can cause depression and mood swings. Low testosterone is generally a more frequently occurring condition with poor nutrition and mineral intake in men and women across a vast range of countries, particularly in the US.

Vitamins and minerals are key to promoting testosterone production in the body and if it isn’t getting a sufficient level of these nutrients then it simply won’t be receiving enough fuel to make an optimal amount of testosterone. If you add to this the fact that the body naturally begins to lower testosterone production as it gets older then you end up with more younger men showing low T Symptoms I.e. low libido, more body weight and weaker bones & muscles.

Since we know … Read the rest

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Coconut oil verdict: good or bad?

Coconut oil is under fire as it has been dub as being potentially problematic to the human body. This message took many unawares, from those that are diet conscious and go the extra mile to get foods from places like Green Belt Microgreens to those who just like the taste coconut oil brings to their food. It even affected coconut oil sales.

More about the oil

Coconut oil is harvested from the white part of the nut and has found many uses in our homes. Many swear by it for cooking or for their beauty routines. There is two version found in the store at varying prices. There is the refined coconut oil that often has other oils and isn’t as fragrant. On the other hand, the virgin coconut comes from fresh coconut and has a stronger taste and smell. The virgin form of the oil is what scientific studies … Read the rest

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If You’re Trying to Avoid High Blood Pressure, Don’t Eat these 6 Foods

Suffering from hypertension isn’t exactly uncommon nowadays, especially if we consider how easy one can find salty and junk food that works towards raising our blood pressure to unhealthy levels. Furthermore, there’s no rule as to who is susceptible to high blood pressure since everyone from teenagers to senior singles can become affected. In that name, here are the top 6 foods you shouldn’t be eating if you want to avoid hypertension.

1.     Canned Soup

Whether you’re in a hurry or you simply like the taste, canned soup can sometimes seem like the friendliest of all the canned foods. But what if we told you this isn’t exactly true?

Namely, just one can of this soup make you surpass the recommended daily salt intake by a whopping 700 milligrams. In other words, canned soup is your worst enemy.

2.     Chinese Food

Don’t get us wrong; we have nothing against Chinese … Read the rest

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Darjeeling tea – Treat for any Indian tea lover and how to buy Darjeeling tea online

Imagine a situation where it is raining outside, a cool wind is blowing and you can feel the smell of rain? If you are indoors enjoying the rains, the first thought that might cross your mind is ‘It would be great if I can get some tea/chai along with bhaaji/pakodas’. Even if you are not a tea lover, sipping tea would be first thing that might cross your mind when you think about rains J India has always been a tea-loving nation, since it is the second largest producer of tea (just after China), but enormous tea production is not the primary reasons why majority of the Indians love tea!

Figure 1 Image Source

Its popularity can be estimated from the terms coined around Tea – Chai Paani (tea and water) or Chai Wallah (tea stall). As a matter of fact, you travel to any Indian city and … Read the rest

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Eat to Grow Muscles With These 4 Foods

Some people want to get ripped in order to look good, some work out so that they can more easily become the perfect transgender date on a dating website. However, nothing can be accomplished without hard work, but when it comes to sculpting your body and getting jacked, there’s more to it than just exercising.

Nutrition plays a big role in the muscle-building process, which includes both food and supplements. With that in mind, here are 4 products you’ll want to consume when trying to beef up.

1.     Salmon

When it comes to building muscle, some foods are better than others, simply because they contain multiple nutrients for your body.

In that regard, salmon is the ultimate workout food. It’s packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to build and repair muscle tissue.

It also has certain amount of selenium, vitamin D, B12, and niacin. Besides being … Read the rest

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