Should I Avoid Artificial Tears for My Dry Eyes?

Everyone produces tears.  Tears are the body’s way of protecting the eyes, showing emotion, and keeping the eyes healthy.  However, when we produce too many tears, they can wash away the protective tear film over the eye.  When this occurs on a regular basis, the eyes can become dry, irritated, red, and even infected.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many different causes leading to watery eyes:

  • Certain medications such as epinephrine or chemotherapy drugs
  • Eyedrops that contain echothiophate iodide or pilcarpine
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Allergies
  • Common cold
  • Various eye dysfunctions
  • Certain autoimmune conditions such as Lupus and Sjogren’s Syndrome

Using eye drops for watery dry eyes just doesn’t work.  Instead of using artificial tears, we must treat dry eyes to stop watery eyes from tear overproduction.

What’s in Our Tears?

Human basal tears are not merely water for the eyes.  Tears … Read the rest

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Making Others Aware Of Your Health

You’ve probably seen medical alert bracelets and necklaces that have buttons on them that allow the person to simply press it to call for help when needed. These pieces of jewelry often have important medical information about the person as well, such as allergies or medications that are taken. A medical ID dog tag necklace is an option as well. The dog tag hangs on the necklace and has the person’s name, phone number, address, and pertinent health information in the event of an emergency. There are numerous benefits as to having a dog tag on a necklace compared to only have a slender piece of metal or plastic with only abbreviations or a few words of information.

If the person is in a car accident, then emergency workers can look at the tag to see the name and allergy information as well as other details that can include medical … Read the rest

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Dental Clinics – Solving Any and Every Dental Issue of Their Patients

On the occasion that you are planning to visit a dental doctor, you may take the top dental clinics into consideration. Be it you want to undergo a digital smile design or in need of some orthodontics, the dental clinics can offer you the best treatment solutions. What is more is that the services offered by these clinics are totally affordable and cheap.

If you are considering some dental clinics to visit soon, you may like to check out the main advantages that you can enjoy at these clinics.

Reasons for deciding on the best clinics for dentistry:

There are quite a few reasons that make you look up for some of the best clinics to take care of your dental problems. Some of them include:

  • Dental issues can give a lot of pain. The best dental clinics in Hyderabad can provide you with the much needed care and attention
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Why online medical stores are getting popular?

The hectic and complex lifestyle of an individual lead to a number of health issues like blood pressure, sugar, obesity and more.  Such health care conditions and other critical medical cases require regular medicines. People often forget taking medicine as they forget to refill the medicine as they avoid visiting the drug stores because of the crowd and queue. Online medical stores are a great help for individuals who need medicines in bulk for regular consumption.

While considering the traditional medical stores for the medicines and drugs one often need to ensure if the store has sufficient quantity of approved drugs to meet the requirements. The drugs for crucial health conditions are available in several forms such as personal care products, diagnostic products, medical equipment, wound care products, medicines, and many more.

To get all the medical supplies easily and with utmost convenience people often switch to the online medical … Read the rest

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Firstly everyone who is facing migraine right now should know that there are more than 10 million migraine cases a year in India and can be very common, migraine occurs when there is a certain change in the brain which causes heavy pain and people often get sensitive to light, smell, and sound.

All migraine headaches are not severe and one should not panic of the situation, migraine headaches are curable but you should have the correct knowledge to also self-diagnose and take some steps for yourself, you can also go for Ayurveda. There are a lot of ayurvedic treatments for a migraine and it is the best way out for such problems.

To cure migraine headaches one should have a holistic approach towards health and should also know that our body is interconnected, it is not a rocket science that bad eating habits and schedule can affect your health … Read the rest

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