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Recovering with the Help of a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility in Arizona

Individuals often mistake rehab for recovery when it comes to their drug or alcohol addiction. However, these are two distinct phases of the process. Once an individual realizes this, they are better able to prepare for the future when it comes to fighting their addiction. How do the two phases differ and why are each of importance to the overall process?


Rehab is the first part of the process and often takes place at a drug and alcohol treatment Arizona facility. The goal of rehab it to help the patient learn to cope with his or her cravings and overcome the urge to use even when temptation is present. Furthermore, the treatment is designed to help individuals handle those day-to-day situations that bring on the need to use and how to engage with those who have exacerbated or contributed to their substance abuse issues in the past. Rehab tends … Read the rest

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