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Understanding How Medical Cannabis Vaping Works

The most popular way of vaping marijuana is vaping the cannabidiol oil (CBD). However, it is still possible to vaporize dried cannabis in a vaporizer. Health experts believe that vaping is healthier than smoking because no smoke-related toxins are introduced into the respiratory system. Here are ways to achieve medical cannabis vaping.

Conductive Heating

This form of vaping involves placing dried cannabis or the CBD onto an electrically heated surface. The surface is called the hot plate. The plate may be either a heated screen or a solid heated metal. This plate is heated to a given point and the heat distributed across the vaping device. Once the heat meets the flower or the dried oil, it heats it into vapor.

Radiant Heating

For radiant vaporizers, heat comes from a source of light or the electricity. The heat energy then climbs up the device either by inhaling it or an inbuilt fan. The vaporizers employ a gradual mechanism of increasing temperature until the whole of the contents turn into vapor. Some vaporizers combine radiant and conductive heating, and others transfer the heat from the battery.

Convective Heating

Connective heating mechanism vaporizes the marijuana and leaves without direct contact with any heating device. Instead, the source of heat heats the air in the device which, in turn, moves through the device by the use of a fan or inhalation. It then reaches the compartment that stores the cannabis and turns it into vapor. Connective heating works as efficiently as any other method that heats the weed using conduction.

To vape the dried weed correctly, it is essential that the vaper breaks down the herb in a way that it covers the whole of the surface that is heating. The most common method of breaking down the dried cannabis is using a herb grinder until one has achieved a rather fine consistency. If an individual is using CBD oil, he or she should only use a very small amount of the oil when vaping. A small amount of the concentrated oil provides the same effect as that of a significant amount of dried cannabis leaves.