Understanding Common Dental Procedures

Your oral cavity consists of your teeth and gums. Your dentist can tell how healthy or unhealthy you are from just one look at the oral cavity. Being concerned about your oral health is understandable. Sitting for the dentist can be stressful. Put your worries away because understanding common procedures will help anyone feel more at ease. Explore the most common procedures right now.

Wisdom-Teeth Extraction

The last teeth that emerge from the gums are the wisdom teeth. They’re the large molars at the back of your mouth. They don’t always fit, so your doctor may suggest an extraction. The doctor puts you under anesthesia, breaks apart the wisdom teeth and pulls them from the gums. Your doctor will determine if you need one or all four out at once.

As a result, your jaw has more room to support your other teeth. Wisdom teeth tend to crowd the other teeth and cause crooked conditions otherwise.

Impacted-Tooth Remedies

As a child loses baby teeth and gains adult teeth, impactions can occur. An impacted tooth is essentially stuck in the gum. It’s not dropping down into its normal position. Dentists have various solutions for this scenario. For example, a tooth that’s properly aligned with the other teeth can be pulled down during a simple surgery. The dentist creates a window on the gum to access the impacted tooth. It’s carefully pulled down through systematic pulls from an attached chain.

Dental Implants

If you lost adult teeth at some point in life, your previous options ranged from dentures to bridges. Currently, you can have dental implants. A dentist installs a screw into your jawbone to act as the tooth root. As described in almost any implant dentistry magazine, the professional screws a synthetic tooth on top of the screw. The implant acts just like a regular tooth.

Follow your dentist’s instructions as carefully as possible after a procedure. They’re in place to keep you safe from any complications. With a short recovery time, you can continue with your everyday habits once again.