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Testosterone boosting nutrients and minerals

Testosterone is a key hormone that is fundamental to the body’s function, it allows the body to grow, repair and manages other functions in the body I.e. a lack of testosterone can cause depression and mood swings. Low testosterone is generally a more frequently occurring condition with poor nutrition and mineral intake in men and women across a vast range of countries, particularly in the US.

Vitamins and minerals are key to promoting testosterone production in the body and if it isn’t getting a sufficient level of these nutrients then it simply won’t be receiving enough fuel to make an optimal amount of testosterone. If you add to this the fact that the body naturally begins to lower testosterone production as it gets older then you end up with more younger men showing low T Symptoms I.e. low libido, more body weight and weaker bones & muscles.

Since we know that insufficient nutrient levels are a big testosterone killing factor, let’s look at how you can boost your testosterone production naturally. Specifically, by eating the right types of foods. It’s worth mentioning that though you can boost testosterone through supplements made up of natural ingredients, but it is still healthier to consume these same nutrients through natural healthy foods.

 In terms of nutrients the core ones you want to be consuming are Boron, Zinc, All B vitamins, healthy fats and vitamin D. So, what foods do you need to consume to ensure a healthy intake of these nutrients?


This food ingredient contains Boron a mineral that when consumed by the body provides major benefits for testosterone and vitality in general I.e. boosting free testosterone, inhibiting SHBG, estrogen inhibiting and maintain bone & muscle health.


This food contains a chemical compound called Allicin. This compound has antioxidant and inflammation reduction benefits, but more importantly it plays a role in lowering cortisol levels which is a hormone that is known to inhibit testosterone production.


Eggs contain Omega 3’s and more importantly vitamin D which is a mineral that is vital to testosterone production. In addition to this both the vitamin D and proteins in eggs are key for muscle growth and repair.

Almonds & Oysters

Ok so we’re not telling you to combine the two here, I doubt that’ll make a tasty snack. However, one thing that both of these foods do have in common is that they are both naturally high in Zinc, this mineral allows hormones from the pituitary gland to release hormones which stimulates the production of testosterone. Some people who have Zinc deficiency are also known to have low testosterone.


As we mentioned earlier, all B vitamins are key for testosterone production and spinach is a food that contains High levels of vitamin B6 and it contains Iron which is also important for testosterone production.

Porridge Oats

Oats are naturally high in B vitamins, which all come with additional benefits to help boost testosterone/ lean body mass. Vitamin B6 in porridge oats and in Spinach has an additional benefit of lowering estrogen, a hormone which inhibits the production of testosterone.

Lemons – Though you may not have thought it Lemons are an excellent food to boost your testosterone. They lower cortisol with compounds within them, provide your body with vitamin A which is essential to testosterone production and can lower estrogen levels. An all-round essential for boosting testosterone.


This healthy fish provides you with vitamin B, omega 3s and Magnesium, all of these minerals and nutrients are proven to be effective in helping increase testosterone production. Salmon also contains compounds which lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, this allows for more, free/ non-bonded testosterone to circulate around the body which is important because free testosterone is needed to repair and grow muscles.


A great way of consuming vitamin D which can improve sperm count and boost testosterone production.


Already a great source of quick energy, they also contain an enzyme which aids in maintain healthy testosterone levels.


Above is an explanation of what nutrients within food sources can increase testosterone levels along with a list of food sources that contain these nutrients. Supplementation could possibly be a way of consuming all the vital nutrients, minerals and amino acids needed to boost testosterone. Additionally, low testosterone can be an issue that is caused by a medical illness so if you feel that your testosterone is low then it is always best to consult with a doctor first.