Making Others Aware Of Your Health

You’ve probably seen medical alert bracelets and necklaces that have buttons on them that allow the person to simply press it to call for help when needed. These pieces of jewelry often have important medical information about the person as well, such as allergies or medications that are taken. A medical ID dog tag necklace is an option as well. The dog tag hangs on the necklace and has the person’s name, phone number, address, and pertinent health information in the event of an emergency. There are numerous benefits as to having a dog tag on a necklace compared to only have a slender piece of metal or plastic with only abbreviations or a few words of information.

If the person is in a car accident, then emergency workers can look at the tag to see the name and allergy information as well as other details that can include medical conditions that need to be treated. People who stay at home alone would benefit from wearing this as well. Family members who can’t get in touch with the person can go to the home to see if there is something wrong as well as neighbors who might want to check on the person on occasion. If there is an emergency and the person has to call for help, then those who respond will be able to easily see health information on the tag when family members are not available or if the person is unable to give any details. You can wear a dog tag to promote food allergies, which is important if you come in contact with several people during the day or you know that you’re going to be in a situation where food is served. Diabetes is another reason to wear a dog tag as well as epilepsy or memory impairments.