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How to Use Electronic Cigarettes to Wean Off of Tobacco

Quitting tobacco products can be very hard, especially for long term users of cigarettes. Some smokers find that they fail to quit several times before it truly works for them. Electronic cigarettes gained steam among these individuals very quickly, replacing traditional tobacco cigarettes among many long term smokers. With a few tricks, any smoker can make the swap and quit tobacco use!

Finding the Right Nicotine Level

Every smoker is different, with varying nicotine needs. Some smokers may only smoke a quarter of a pack a day, while others may smoke 2 or more packs of cigarettes per day. These vast differences in nicotine needs has resulted in levels between 0 and 24 mg of nicotine among various flavored liquids. The vapor liquid for E cig is chosen based upon how much one smokes, and can be fine tuned in the future. Continued cravings may mean that the level of nicotine is too low, while headaches may signal that it is too high. Over time, users can decrease the nicotine level and slowly work towards 0.

No Smoking: House Rules

One of the easiest ways to turn back to tobacco products is to keep them around. By putting a no smoking rule into place, the home will no longer smell of tobacco smoke. This will reduce the severity of cravings, especially if other people in the home smoke. For those who live alone, it may be beneficial to ask visitors and family members to keep their tobacco products in the car. This will keep all temptation at bay. Friends could even be encouraged to make the switch, as well.

Only Satisfying Cravings

For those who are trying to kick nicotine addiction altogether, try to only vape when the need arises. Vape only until satisfied, then put the electronic cigarette away. This will slowly lower the amount of nicotine the body needs; with each successive week, try lowering the nicotine level until 0 is hit. At that point, vaping can still be a fun, social activity.

Smoking quickly loses its appeal among tobacco users; they don’t enjoy the way that they smell to others, and some smokers might even be denied a job in a sensitive field such as Pediatrics if they smell of tobacco smoke. With electronic cigarettes, the process of quitting tobacco is made just a little bit easier.