Firstly everyone who is facing migraine right now should know that there are more than 10 million migraine cases a year in India and can be very common, migraine occurs when there is a certain change in the brain which causes heavy pain and people often get sensitive to light, smell, and sound.

All migraine headaches are not severe and one should not panic of the situation, migraine headaches are curable but you should have the correct knowledge to also self-diagnose and take some steps for yourself, you can also go for Ayurveda. There are a lot of ayurvedic treatments for a migraine and it is the best way out for such problems.

To cure migraine headaches one should have a holistic approach towards health and should also know that our body is interconnected, it is not a rocket science that bad eating habits and schedule can affect your health completely which can also be a cause of migraine headaches.

But before that, you should know which type of a migraine is affecting you and most important if it actually a migraine or not because there are different types of migraines from which some are chronic and need medical supervision.

Nowadays people are so stressed that they take a normal headache as a migraine but a migraine is something different, normal headaches can also cause intense pain but doesn’t need any kind of medical help and not all headaches are migraines.


  1. The most chronic type of a migraine is status migrainous which is the worst kind and has reported to last up to 72 hours and need medical supervision immediately.
  2. Then there is a Rental migraine which also is a serious condition and needs medical care, this type of a migraine causes vision loss in one eye and can continue till months but is also reversible and curable.


  1. A classic migraine where the body feels sensory disturbances also known as aura before causing a headache and can be cured if you opt ayurvedic treatment for a migraine.
  2. Silent or an Acephalic migraine which does not cause head pain but has symptoms of a migraine with sensory disturbance like flashes, vision changes, tingling in hands and face or blind spots.

And the most common type of migraine is an absence migraine which doesn’t cause sensory disturbances and can be cured by changes in food habits and with the help of some home remedies which includes taking steam , drinking hot water or milk with Haldi at night, getting restful sleep and reducing work or any kind of stress.


The causes of migraines are yet not known by science but it is said that changes in neurotransmitters in the brain plays a role in causing the symptoms and there are also some factors which trigger migraines such as stress, loud noises or sound pollution, hormonal changes and certain food allergies can also cause migraine headaches.


After knowing the type of a migraine headache you must be facing there are a lot of home remedies and things that can control the frequency of your attacks or even can cure the problems. Ayurvedic treatment for a migraine is also the best way to go for.

  1. The first thing you need to do to stop migraine attacks is having a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, exercising helps in removing toxins out of your body and getting those good hormones which help in stress relieve and building a strong immune system, and nothing is better than yoga as it relaxes the mind soul and body, there are a lot of yoga postures and exercises you can perform to get that stress and toxins out of your body such as anulom-vilom, it is said and experienced by thousands that anulom vilom is very good for releasing stress and tension which further help the sensory system of our mind to relax preventing migraines.
  2. The second best thing is avoiding foods that can trigger migraines and knowing what can affect your pain, be aware of foods that can trigger your pain can help a lot. Food plays a very important role in changing the way our mind works,  try to eat healthy meals including proper vitamins and good fats , good fats include avocados, almonds, fish oil, flax seeds, chia seeds all of them are a very good source of good fats.

Good fats contain omega 3, DHA and other important minerals which helps in brain function and can prevent migraines,as a home remedy you can also try eating ginger or ginger capsules and drink plenty of water as dehydration can also cause severe headaches and migraine symptoms, applying peppermint oil on your head.

Drinking coffee can help, you can also go for ayurvedic treatment of migraines as Ayurveda has cured millions of migraine patients till now and has a very successful history, certain herbs in Ayurveda works wonder for brain health such as Brahmi, ashwagandha which relieves stress and is for overall health.