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Can Sleeping More Actually Make You Fitter?

Sleeping more has long been related to laziness and laziness is treated as being almost synonymous to an unfit lifestyle. So, when somebody comes up to you and tells you that you can lose weight and build better muscle volume with sleep, should you take that person seriously? As it turns out, you should, and we will discuss why sleeping more can actually make you fitter with the help of the following points.

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How Much Sleep is Right for You?

Now, before proceeding further on this point, understand that there have been so many studies on sleep that there are varying results out there that contradict each other. Nevertheless, one of the most established and well-recognized standard is seven to nine hours of sleep at a stretch, during the night for adults. This is also the ideal sleep time which you should be targeting if you want to maximize the muscle growth and weight loss potentials of sleep.

How Exactly Does Sleep Help You to Build Muscles?

The brain recuperates as we sleep and during that recuperation process, it produces natural HGH or human growth hormone that is necessary for the worked out and broken-down muscles to rebuild themselves bigger and stronger through protein synthesis. This is why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often drink protein shakes right before going to sleep at night in order to negate the catabolic effects of fasting for eight hours straight. As the digestive system is busy synthesizing proteins and the brain continues to produce HGH in large quantities, we grow our muscles as we sleep.

The Relationship Between Weight Loss and Sleep

There’s a huge relationship between healthy weight loss and sufficient sleep. When two people on the same diet and exercise routine sleeps differently, the amount of fat loss they achieve also varies quite widely. Of the two, the person who is sleeping less than 7-hours every day will always feel hungrier, less energetic for their workouts and will actually lose less than half the fat that his/her counterpart is losing under the same diet and exercise routine, but of course, with the advantage of a few hour’s extra sleep.

As an added disadvantage, when a poor sleep cycle is continued for a long period of time, the human body becomes less responsive to insulin and that’s bad news for your health. Not only does that mean you will start storing fat more effectively, but the insulin resistance will eventually lead to raised blood sugar levels and diabetes down the line.

It is to be noted that even when you know that more sleeping is essential for you, you might not be able to sleep as much as is required. Medical conditions, work pressure, newborns and a loud locality are just some of the things that might be waking you up earlier. While such issues are things that you need to work around, it is absolutely essential that the few hours which you do manage to sleep for are solid and uninterrupted. This is where NeuroScience Supplements as they are specially designed to aid sleep quality, as well as sleep problems caused by anxiety or stress.

While a lot of factors play a part in determining how much sleep you will get, no other external factor is more important than the bed and pillows we sleep on.