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Understanding Daylight Savings Time

Even in the late 70s people were already adjusting their clocks for daylight savings time. We automatically set our clocks either forward or backward on the appointed dates even though some of us might not really understand why we have this practice.

It was to save daylight that this measure was implemented. When we are at work of in school, daylight savings time could mean having daylight for longer periods of time. In temperate regions, the variation of daylight versus darkness throughout the season is very great so they practice daylight savings time.

One then wonders if the practice is really necessary? And, if the sun rises at 7am rather than 8 am, what is the significance of this move? However, some people are not aware that the real reason for implementing daylight savings time has nothing to do with what people prefer, but it is actually for conserving energy.

Electricity consumption is actually reduced with daylight savings time since we usually turn on electricity when the sun has gone down. If the time between sunset and your bedtime is near then you energy consumption will be less than if the sun sets long before your bedtime.

Most of us have a set bedtime. In a way it conserves electricity since if the hour is moved forward, then your bedtime becomes earlier and even if it is dark outside, you don’t need to put on the lights since it is already your bedtime.

Since it takes long for the sun to rise in winter, morning light is important. People wake up after sunrise during the summer when the days are longer. People wake up after sunrise during winter according to the time set by daylight savings time.

You can have more outdoor activities when there is daylight savings time. Physical activity is good for people even during the winter months, and it helps if it is still light when they want to be outside. Daylight savings time is good for people who drive home from work since there are less chances of accidents since drivers can see better because of the lights. Since crime is committed in dark areas, daylight savings time helps to reduce it.

However, not all people have good things to say about daylight savings time. There are many people today who want it stopped and they are filing a petition for its end. They don’t want to adjust their clocks twice a year for very few benefits that they perceive. The backward and forward adjustments of the clock disrupts the sleeping patterns of people and this is why they don’t want to do it. And for those who forget to change their clocks, they are either later for work ro too early for it.

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