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Tips for Choosing a New Dental Practice

The time may come when a person needs to find a new dentist. However, doing so can be confusing, as there are general dentists and a variety of specialists. Where should one start the search?

Always look for a general dentist. He or she handles a wide variety of tasks when it comes to a person’s oral health. In addition, he or she will refer a patient to a specialist when more advanced care is needed. What should one look for when selecting a general dentist?

Initial Evaluation

Patients should visit a dental practice to learn more about the dentist and how the office operates. This does not mean the patient must have x-rays done and undergo a complete exam. Rather, the purpose of this visit is to meet staff members, see if you are comfortable with them and learn more about what the practice offers. With this information, a person can easily narrow down the available choices.


When visiting a practice, patients need to know what services are offered. A patient may or may not have an idea of the work they will need to have done, but this can be discussed during the visit. Learn about the dentist’s training and how and when a referral to a specialist will be needed. Patients cannot predict what the future holds for them, thus the more information obtained at this time, the more comfortable the patient will be when choosing a practice.

Emergency Care

Dental problems often seem to arise after normal business hours. How does the practice handle this type of situation? Will the dentist come in to address the problem or will the patient be referred to a third party? Every person deserves time off, thus a dentist may offer emergency care, but not be available at times. Keep this in mind when discussing what to do when a dental crisis comes up and care is needed immediately.

Visit Sterling Dental Center to learn more about what a person should consider when selecting a new dentist. This office is dedicated to helping patients receive the oral care they need in a timely manner. With the help of the center, every patient should be able to find a dentist they like and don’t mind visiting.