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Tips for brewing southern tea

Whether you are an expert in brewing tea or not, there are a few tips that can make tea taste great. In fact, you don’t have to be an all star in the kitchen, but the tactics you know is what makes all the difference.  First, one of the key things in achieving a bold flavor is making sure that the utensils making the tea are clean. The kettle should be washed and rinsed regularly using soap. This will ensure that the kettle is in perfect condition and no deposits or old residue will affect the taste of your tea.

How then do you brew the southern tea?

Step 1: Get some good tasting water

It’s worth noting here that about 99% of this tea is water and therefore the clarity and the taste is best determined on how your water is. If the taste of the water is good, then you expect some good tasting tea. For optimal taste, choose filtered or bottled water, which is free of chlorine and hard water chemicals. If you don’t have that within reach, regular tap water is just fine to fill the kettle.

Step 2: Water and seeping

For every cup of southern sweet tea you prepare, heat at least 8 ounces of water. If you are making a pitcher of tea, which is usually the case with many people, then you should pre-measure the amount that the pitcher holds. With brewing, steep the tea bags for 3-5 minutes.

Step 3: The amount of tea

Instead of using a tea ball or an infuser, use tea bags; here the leaves will easily open and release the flavor. For every 8-ounce cup you want to brew, the standard for compact blends is one single serve tea bag. If you are brewing in large volumes, then you have to consider more. Bigger tea bags like family size tea bags are a great choice when preparing larger batches of tea. Each family size tea bag makes one quart of tea. For more of a portable, single serve option, that is great for on the go, look into cold brew tea bags.

Step 4: Serving the southern sweet tea

When the tea steeps, remove the tea bags. Add in the recommended amount of sugar (1-2 cups depending on the recipe). If you want to skip the calories and hassle of adding all the sugar, opt for a pre-sweetened tea bag. Tea is best when served fresh and chilled. You can add ice to make it colder. For an added taste, add a lemon wedge to the tea.

Southern sweet tea is a beverage that is budget friendly for all families and is enjoyable for all. Purchase some southern sweet tea today and enjoy the fulfilling flavors from a company you love. They will give you some more guidelines on how to make southern sweet tea.