The Use Of Marijuana in The World

Along with the development of the industrial world, developed countries, such as Tasmania, one of the countries that are classified as the biggest utilizing the potential of marijuana. The country utilizes marijuana by reducing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) levels to produce textile, paper, food-making materials, brake pads and couplings to the rope.

While in the UK there is a management center for cannabis or marijuana. The institute is researching this plant medically and pharmacy. As a result, plants that have finger-shaped leaves are still reliable and become effective drugs. Like a paralyzed patient can be cured with marijuana therapy and can walk again like a normal person, not impotent, and has a good memory. The use of medical marijuana is also widely known today, medical marijuana Canada is one product that is famous for its exceptional quality.

Not only Britain, in Canada, the government legalized marijuana for pharmaceuticals. Many patients have been reported to have been helped, such as reducing nausea in people with AIDS and other diseases. The Canadian government permits doctors to buy marijuana at local pharmacies. One ounce sold for around 113 US dollars and marijuana was sent by courier to their patients or doctors.

According to the medical, the chemical composition contained in marijuana is Cannabinol, Cannabidiol or THC which consists of Delta -9- THC and Delta -8- THC. Delta -9- THC itself can affect the mindset of the human brain through the user’s vision, hearing, and mood. While Delta-9- THC is believed by medical scientists to be able to treat various diseases. Leaf and cannabis seeds help cure tumor and cancer. Roots and stems can be made herbs that can cure stomach cramps (cramps), dysentery, anthrax, asthma, blood poisoning, coughing, diarrhea, burns, bronchitis.

THC itself is a substance that can relieve pain, for example in glaucoma sufferers. THC has an analgesic effect, which in low doses can make ‘drunk’. If THC levels are enriched, it can be more potential for treatment. Besides that in traditional communities, marijuana is used as an herbal medicine. But if used carelessly and excessively, because of its nature as a hallucinogen can cause euphoria for a moment