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Recovering with the Help of a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility in Arizona

Individuals often mistake rehab for recovery when it comes to their drug or alcohol addiction. However, these are two distinct phases of the process. Once an individual realizes this, they are better able to prepare for the future when it comes to fighting their addiction. How do the two phases differ and why are each of importance to the overall process?


Rehab is the first part of the process and often takes place at a drug and alcohol treatment Arizona facility. The goal of rehab it to help the patient learn to cope with his or her cravings and overcome the urge to use even when temptation is present. Furthermore, the treatment is designed to help individuals handle those day-to-day situations that bring on the need to use and how to engage with those who have exacerbated or contributed to their substance abuse issues in the past. Rehab tends to be a short term process.


Where recovery differs from rehabilitation is it is an on-going process. Once a person is addicted to a substance, they will be addicted for life. The recovery process focuses on helping them avoid the desire to use and may include ongoing therapy or support group participation. The elements of the recovery process vary by user, as each person is different in terms of their addiction and what it entails. An addict never recovers completely, as an addiction is a battle he or she will be fighting the rest of their life. The aftercare they receive contributes to how well they succeed.

Treatment Programs

Aftercare has been shown to be a crucial part of the recovery process. Patients cannot assume once they leave rehab the waters will be smooth sailing. In fact, many treatment programs now contain an aftercare element to help the addict with this ongoing battle. For this reason, when comparing treatment options, patients need to take the aftercare options into consideration.

A relapse can and likely will happen. It’s how the addict responds to the relapse that has the biggest effect on the outcome. Drugs and alcohol have a strong negative effect on the body. With the right care, an addict can stay on track, overcome the need to use, and lead a healthy, productive life.