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Neuro Linguistic Programming: What It Is

NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is an approach used to understand how our perceptions are formed and to assist changes in perception through specific therapeutic steps, with the redevelopment of the way in which a person perceives themselves and the world around them. At its core, NLP centers on the belief that language links with the body and mind to form perception.No matter what you are successfully producing results, even if those results are unwanted.From that core, particular steps have been formed for the purpose of helping people to change or at least, redevelop how theytend to perceive themselves and the world around them.

Some therapies seem to turn people into victims by reinforcing a belief that they’re in some way damaged or broken.Thebest example is the self limitation brought into this world.They’ve been told all of their life that they have bad study habits or can’t learn a particular subject (I’m bad at math).In this scenario, they have been the victim of a limitation that they have set for themsselves and prevent from learning things in this aspect. The NLP essentially forces you to start from where you are and empowers you to make changes, rather than turning you into a victim.

Since NLP is based on what works, and not just a theory, it also uses the idea that if what you’re doing isn’t working, then adapt and change what you’re doing.Tony Robbins made his own brand of NLP-based self-improvement, and became very well known for showing people how to achieve quick turn-arounds.There are a number of free resources online where you can learn the basic techniques and principles, and many practitioners you can work with to take things to the next level. NLP helps with one’s personal growth, allowing you to achieve life goals that previously seemed unobtainable; it allows you to eliminate negative behaviors and thought processes.Essentially NLP helps you to become a more effective human being, who is able to make decisions that will affect their life in a more positive manner.

The approach of NLP is a form of hypnosis which uses regulated breathing, suggestive words, deep relaxation, calming nonverbal cues, visual, audio, and active mental exercises to redevelop the process of perception. Hypnosis has been in use in conjunction with other treatments in treating the psychiatric population for many years. You can learn more about NLP and how this approach may help you with your negative perceptions so that you can see how wonderful your life is and how obtainable your goals are.

Regrettably, hypnosis is also featured in comedy routines at comedy clubs across the country and the comedians use the high suggestibility of some people to get them to perform funny things such as barking like a dog just to get a laugh and there is nothing wrong with comedy or humor.

Our perceptions control how we receive informational messages from other people and our surroundings. The way that we perceive ourselves and the world that surrounds us is developed during childhood and the family and social environments and experiences encountered influence perception as it develops, so interactions through language, both the spoken and unspoken forms within our environment and our experiences also influence perception as it is developing.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technique that is meant to help a person overcome obstacles, learning disabilities, and social and personal inadequacies.

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