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Kickboxing and Its Benefits

One of the best exercises that benefit your body is kickboxing. Being a combination of cardio and strength training, it can burn off your fats while toning your muscles at once. And that’s not it. Kickboxing is quite famous for bringing fast results.

If there’s one particular thing that differentiates kickboxing from other cardio routines, it’s that it’s tons of fun. Try it and you won’t believe an hour has just passed you by. Of course, kickboxing is far from something you do just for fun. This workout comes with real solid benefits, such as:

Full-Body Muscle Toning

Yes, every single part of your body benefits from kickboxing in terms of muscle toning – legs, arms, core, name it. Based on a study, a minimum of five weeks of regular training is all it takes to produce significant improvements in muscle power, speed and agility. It’s a full-body workout just like swimming. If you’ve ever tried kickboxing, then you know how it moves every single part of your body during the entire workout. With this constant movement, your muscles become more defined with each session.

This is one thing about kickboxing that few other workouts also have. It doesn’t only work for your mind and body, but it is also a very practical method of learning self-defense. The workout involves jabs and strikes that can be very useful in real life situations that call for self-defense. There are other martial arts-inspired workouts that come with frills, which serve no purpose outside the gym, while kickboxing is always straightforward and handy in any situation.

Weight Loss

Kickboxing is a high-impact, high-intensity workout that will keep you moving. Your heart rate will increase, and of course, you’ll be burning lots of calories. Kickboxing for an hour can make you lose around 750 calories, not to mention it’s the best way to minimize belly fat, which is related to heart disease and diabetes.

Stress Relief

Whatever negative emotions you have in there, nothing beats punching them in the face. As mentioned, kickboxing keeps you in constant motion, and studies show this is helpful in terms of controlling anxiety, anger or depression. Besides, the strong rush of endorphins – those feel-good hormones – is sure to keep those worries away.

Enhanced Endurance

Lastly, if you want a workout that builds your endurance, choose kickboxing. Note that kickboxing teaches breathing techniques so you don’t get winded during your workout. Hence, considering the high level cardio activity required in this workout, you will strengthen not only your muscles but you lungs too. This is indeed the total workout that people could be looking for nowadays.

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