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Eat to Grow Muscles With These 4 Foods

Some people want to get ripped in order to look good, some work out so that they can more easily become the perfect transgender date on a dating website. However, nothing can be accomplished without hard work, but when it comes to sculpting your body and getting jacked, there’s more to it than just exercising.

Nutrition plays a big role in the muscle-building process, which includes both food and supplements. With that in mind, here are 4 products you’ll want to consume when trying to beef up.

1.     Salmon

When it comes to building muscle, some foods are better than others, simply because they contain multiple nutrients for your body.

In that regard, salmon is the ultimate workout food. It’s packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to build and repair muscle tissue.

It also has certain amount of selenium, vitamin D, B12, and niacin. Besides being the perfect food for your muscles, salmon is also great for cholesterol control.

Last, but not least, there are thousands of ways to prepare salmon, so you can never get bored with it. However, if you’re not a fish person, you can opt for beef as a substitute.

2.     Nuts

We could easily say that nuts are nature’s weight-gaining pills. Despite being so small, one ounce of cashew or almonds contains anywhere from 150 to 200 “good” calories.

“Good” calories are those that don’t stick to you, but rather go straight to your muscles. Besides, nuts consist of protein, fats, and fiber, which is the perfect mixture every muscle builder need.

Due to their small size, they can be easily packed, carried, and eaten as a snack, rather than a meal. So, when you go to the gym or out for a run, you can always bring a dose of nuts with you.

3.     Whey Protein Powder

On the list of the best supplements for muscle gain, whey takes first place for many reasons. It plays an important role in protein synthesis, which is crucial for muscle growth.

Whey can be normally found in milk, but when it’s in the form of powder, its efficiency is much greater. It’s digested fast and it shows up in your bloodstream in no time. When it does, it injects your muscles with peptides that increase muscle blood flow, allowing them to grow easier.

Bottom line, whey protein can also be called a king of supplements. Just mix it up with water or juice, add some fruit or a piece of chocolate to the mixture, and provide your muscles with protein and energy.

4.     Eggs

Since science confirmed that there is no real link between egg-induced cholesterol and heart disease, our white, round friends have once again taken the spotlight when it comes to building muscle.

Nowadays, eggs are widely considered as the best breakfast food. Like salmon, there are various ways of preparing eggs, so getting bored with them is not an issue.

One egg contains about 8 grams of protein, along with omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Eggs have everything you need to kick-start your day, and let’s not forget that it’s packed with cholesterol which is really friendly to steroid hormones.