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Arthritis: Five ways to STOP arthritis pain and symptoms this winter

Arthritis is a group of around 100 diseases. It creates a problem in every joint in the human body like wrist, knee or fingers, etc. But Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid are the most common types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the knee, hands, etc. Osteoarthritis symptoms will develop very slowly and become worse in a long time. You may feel pain in the joints while moving or you may feel stiffness if you do not move your body for a long time. You will feel stiffer often when you wake up in the morning. Rheumatoid is a chronic type of arthritis. It will happen when the immune system attacks your body tissues mistakenly. Rheumatoid arthritis can damage the other parts of the body. The main symptoms are swollen in joints, weight loss, fatigue and stiffness with heavy pain especially in the morning. Arthritis has become more painful in winter as due to the cold its very often to sit idle for long time.

Below tips will help you to get relief from arthritis pain and symptoms in the winter.

Wear Proper Clothes: If you are roaming outside your home, you must wear proper winter clothes. You can wear hand gloves, sweater, warm inner etc. Your main motive is to protect your body from the cold waves. You can also opt for leggings. Your joints will be warm and you can easily protect yourself from the arthritis. You may also wear scarf, jackets, hat so your body will not lose its inner heat. You can wear arthritis gloves so it will reduce your pain in the hand or in feet by keeping them warm. Proper clothes will save you from the winter. You may also wear inner warm clothes so the inner heat will remain in your body. Women may wear leggings to keep your legs safe during the winter. You may also stay in your home on cold days and try to avoid going outside without any reason. It will help you to protect from pain.

Do Exercise: Many peoples suffering from the arthritis are very confused or afraid that if they do exercise they will feel more pain so they try to avoid exercise. This is only the misconception about the arthritis. But this is true that if you do not make any movement then you will feel pain and the arthritis will become worse. If you do regular exercise, then your joints will not stuffed and the muscles around your joints will get strength. You may talk to your doctor if you are not sure to start exercising. Doctor will help you to start your exercise. You can start with easy exercise or start a slow movement of your joints. You may also start walking or get the help of a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will help you to teach some exercise which can reduce or protect your pain. You may join any group or invite your friends, relatives, neighbors of the same problem so they will give you the company.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Medications: Sometimes the arthritis patients stops to take medicines/pain killers as they are afraid that they become addicted. They also think about the side effects of the medicines. But you must have faith on your doctor that he will not prescribe you the wrong medicines which will harm your body or you become addicted. You must know how much dose of medicines you need to take so you will reduce your pain. You must follow the instruction/suggestions of your doctor. You must not take any tension for your arthritis, only need to focus on to protect your body from the pain of arthritis. You must accept your pain and try to protect you by taking proper medications.

Don’t Blame Yourself: Arthritis can make your life miserable, but it doesn’t mean that you feel guilty. It’s true that after suffering from arthritis you may not able to live your normal life. You may blame yourself for not taking your family responsibilities. You must talk to your loved ones and ask for their support. They will understand your pain and help you to survive from arthritis. You must not blame yourself and don’t make any complaints to God for suffering from arthritis. You should know that anyone can face these challenges, you are not the single person who is facing these health issues. If you are feeling lots of pain in a particular day, you must accept that situation. You must do medication to stop these type of thoughts. You may also refer to counselor for proper counselling.

Control Your Weight: If you are overweight, you may feel extra pain of arthritis. Overweight patients feel more pain in their joints due to the more pressure. You must control your weight specially on your back, knee and on your hips. By controlling your weight, you can avoid chances of arthritis pain. By reducing the extra pressure on your joints, the mobility will increase and you may also protect your joints from damage in the future. You must regularly check your weight during the winter as due to the cold, you may feel lazy, tired and don’t do so much physical work and the chances of increasing the weight is very high. Balanced weight will not give you the extra pain as your knee is capable to manage the weight, but the extra weight will give you more pain you won’t able to do your regular work.

All you know that the arthritis is a very common problem finds in today’s human. Arthritis is a more common disease, especially in adults more than the age of 60 years, but it may effect any one due to the today’s life style. Arthritis will give you the pain in your joints and you are not able to do your daily jobs in your office and at home. You must do your physical exercise, so it will help you to reduce your pain and your mental health also. You can control the arthritis with medications, physical and occupational therapy, weight loss and surgery are the last option. You may also quit smoking, consumption of alcohol to prevent the arthritis patients from several diseases.