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Realty Flux: Text Message Lead Generation Facts and Tips

In the 1990s, when mobile phones became very popular, text messaging marketing or text message advertising has been used to promote products and services across the world, and it is still being used today despite the many types of digital marketing available right now. Text messaging is an excellent tool to reach hundreds and thousands of customers, and a good audience segmentation tool to generate more leads and sales for a higher revenue for small, medium, and large business enterprises. Because many telecommunications services providers offer unlimited text messaging, we can consider text messaging marketing as a personalized, simple, and inexpensive way of contacting or engaging with your customers. One won’t need to be technically knowledgeable on design or hardware just to send a text message or SMS.

Remember that text marketing is a permission-based marketing activity, wherein customers have to opt-in a text message marketing service before they can receive an advertising text message. This only means that when a customer opt-in for your text message marketing service, the customer is already somehow interested in your brand, product, or service. According to studies, text message advertising continues to beat other direct mobile marketing channels such as social media.

Unlike being neglected on social media, the majority of text messaging ads are opened and read within few minutes after delivery, even higher as compared to emails. Text messages with URL contents have higher click-through rate than emails. There is a higher redemption rate for attached coupons on text messages as compared to emails. When it comes to online advertising, text message marketing better create brand awareness and increase purchasing intent.

In order to get started with a text message marketing, you only need two things, an access to a bulk text messaging platform and a customer database. Where you used to send text messages to customers by just using the standard text messaging service? Allow us to help you look for a trusted, reliable, flexible, and reputable bulk text messaging platform for your future text message marketing campaigns. Building a customer base is made easy through our experts’ help. We are committed, dedicated, and passionate about serving our clients locally and globally through effective text messaging marketing strategies.

With the help of effective text messaging campaign, you can grow your business with us and realize the full potential of making your business a success. Text messaging marketing campaigns may include new product promotions, updates notifications, price changes, and latest deals. You may come and visit our website now to learn more about text message advertising.

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