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3 Advances in Medical Technology Turning Heads Right Now

Technology is always at a rapid advance these days, the medical field luckily being one area in which this is not the exception. New advents in medicine are being made all the time, resulting in a safer and healthier world for both the short and long term. You might not even be aware at some of the amazing inventions people have made for the medical field, so here are three advances in medical technology turning heads right now.

1. Nanotechnology

While nanotechnology has always been heavy science fiction fodder, recent breakthroughs have begun to pull this achievement closer to reality. For the uninitiated, nanotechnology refers to the study and usage of tiny machines or, more broadly, inorganic particles in medical procedures. While the use of such technology is fairly widespread in the form of imaging tests and the like, recent breakthroughs in robotics may soon make it possible to send … Read the rest

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What You Must Know about the Proper and Safe Use of Arthritis Creams

Joint paint is something that people all experience at some point.  You may have spent a rigorous weekend trekking or doing some handyman work around your home. In any case, you may find that your joints and body hurt at the end of the day especially as you age.

Oral pain medications are not healthy when taken excessively. Hence many people suffering from joint pain are hesitant to take another pill and wondering if the cream would suffice. Active ingredients on the cream get soaked up through the skin. However, the question remains — can it indeed be the answer to your joint pain?

How do arthritis creams work?

Before you go out and buy arthritis cream, you should know a thing or two about what it does to your body. As a form of topical pain medication, these creams are readily soaked up by the skin.

The most … Read the rest

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