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Can Sleeping More Actually Make You Fitter?

Sleeping more has long been related to laziness and laziness is treated as being almost synonymous to an unfit lifestyle. So, when somebody comes up to you and tells you that you can lose weight and build better muscle volume with sleep, should you take that person seriously? As it turns out, you should, and we will discuss why sleeping more can actually make you fitter with the help of the following points.

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How Much Sleep is Right for You?

Now, before proceeding further on this point, understand that there have been so many studies on sleep that there are varying results out there that contradict each other. Nevertheless, one of the most established and well-recognized standard is seven to nine hours of sleep at a stretch, during the night for adults. This is also the ideal sleep time which you should be targeting if you want … Read the rest

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How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe During the Winter Season

The winter season is almost here, so focusing on health should be on high priority now. With so many family events, marriages and gatherings scheduled to happen in winter, we get so busy in the festivities that we ignore our own health. As a result, we have to face health problems that affect our life at both personal and professional levels.

What to Eat and How Much to Exercise this Winter Season?

While the weather may be cold, winter is not the unhealthiest season for your family and you. In fact, more often than not, bad habits are the reason behind recurring diseases and discomfort. Here are some crucial tips to follow to stay healthy, fit and safe during the winter season:

  1. Diet Tips

Diet plays a key role when it comes to staying healthy. You have a range of options to when you go to the market. You … Read the rest

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Firstly everyone who is facing migraine right now should know that there are more than 10 million migraine cases a year in India and can be very common, migraine occurs when there is a certain change in the brain which causes heavy pain and people often get sensitive to light, smell, and sound.

All migraine headaches are not severe and one should not panic of the situation, migraine headaches are curable but you should have the correct knowledge to also self-diagnose and take some steps for yourself, you can also go for Ayurveda. There are a lot of ayurvedic treatments for a migraine and it is the best way out for such problems.

To cure migraine headaches one should have a holistic approach towards health and should also know that our body is interconnected, it is not a rocket science that bad eating habits and schedule can affect your health … Read the rest

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Why to Choose Organic Skincare Products?

Normally, the Organic beauty products are highly suitable for the skin so it does not give any side effects in skin. Organic beauty products have healing powers of handmade abound for essential oils are included. You have to not put anything on your skin with understanding the ingredients from burdock, calendula, sunflower and many more.

Organic Natural Products Work Better:

 The skin care ベストケンコー products are a lot of synthetic and used in huge ingredients processing. However, the top creating a top-quality and believe creating skin care products as well as any different. There are many conventional and some natural beauty products based on petroleum glycols and petroleum jelly products. In addition, the Petroleum-based ingredients can be avoided due to their association with potentially harmful chemicals. There are harmful ingredients present in the non-organic products are synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes with the concerns associated with endocrine disruption as well … Read the rest

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Coconut oil verdict: good or bad?

Coconut oil is under fire as it has been dub as being potentially problematic to the human body. This message took many unawares, from those that are diet conscious and go the extra mile to get foods from places like Green Belt Microgreens to those who just like the taste coconut oil brings to their food. It even affected coconut oil sales.

More about the oil

Coconut oil is harvested from the white part of the nut and has found many uses in our homes. Many swear by it for cooking or for their beauty routines. There is two version found in the store at varying prices. There is the refined coconut oil that often has other oils and isn’t as fragrant. On the other hand, the virgin coconut comes from fresh coconut and has a stronger taste and smell. The virgin form of the oil is what scientific studies … Read the rest

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